Briefing Laser Quest Singapore

Laser Quest Singapore is a one-of-a-kind gaming venue that combines the classic games of tag and hide-and-seek with a technological twist! To add to the thrill of each playing, the arena features special lighting and upbeat music.

You should plan on spending about 40 minutes at Laser Quest for each game. A briefing, codename pick, time to suit up, 15 minutes of gameplay, and a customized scorecard are all included with every laser tag game! Every 20 minutes, a high-octane game kicks off.

Is Laser Quest going to be shut down?

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Laser Quest has agreed to close all of its locations in North America after several years of activity. According to a statement posted on their website, the organization has agreed to make the closure permanent due to the difficulty of welcoming consumers back due to the pandemic.

What age group is Laser Quest aimed at?

Laser Quest is a fun game for kids of all ages, ranging from five to eighteen. The packs are safer on a kid who stands at least 48 inches tall (122 centimetres). Any parents have worn the packs when allowing their children to play laser tag.

A laser tag in action

Each gun features a highly directional infrared light emitter. When the light is incredibly thin and straight, these laser weapons act as flashlights. Light rays are absorbed by the gun’s receptors, which are detected by optical filters.

Ticket costs in the laser tag industry are around $1 per minute of gameplay in an enclosed arena and 0.50 cents per minute of gaming on an outdoor battlefield.

Inventor of laser tag

One of these offshoots is Laser Tag. Since viewing Star Wars Episode 4 in 1977, George Carter III, the inventor of Laser Tag, came up with the idea. His vision, however, did not come to fruition until 1984, when Photon, the first arena-based Laser Tag venue, opened in Dallas, Texas.

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