How to Protect your Business Data from Insider Threats

Tech surveys show that many data attacks are performed by insiders. Internal threats are the most common route of attack of which damage can be quite costly to remediate. Protecting your company from insider threats is important to prevent most data breaches and malicious attacks. The following are some tips your company can follow to help protect your data from insider threats:

Educate Your Employees

Insider attacks can be done with the insider unknowingly allowed or enabled the attack. Insiders can do this by plugging in an infected USB into their work computer, opening a phishing email, or downloading a suspicious file. To prevent this kind of attack, you must educate your staff on cybersecurity best practices. Perform annual security training that covers topics like social engineering, phishing, portable device use, malware, hacks, passwords, data destruction, physical access, data breaches, encryption, and more. Also, educate employees on how they should respond when a security threat is detected.

Manage Access

Companies must use the principle of least privilege to limit the impact and ability of an insider to commit an attack. With this, employees don’t have access to anything in the network that their job does not require. To keep your business data safe, know where it is and who can access it.

Evaluate User Behavior

Monitoring user behavior on your network allows you to stop an attack early on and reduce your damages. When an employee logs in at an odd hour or uploads or downloads an unusually huge number of files, this may indicate an attack or breach is taking place.

Restrict Data Copy or Transfer

Consider blocking users from transferring data to external sources or copying files. But, this depends on the kind of data you have. This can make it hard for insiders to steal information or accidentally share information with others.

Define and Enforce Company Policies

By enforcing policies, you can prevent unwanted data access behavior and enforce duties separation. Ensure these policies cover both security and compliance requirements with the scalability that matches your need. If you want to process rule sets across data repositories, consider using a policy management system.

Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning can sift through massive amounts of detailed data access logs, disclosing unknown threats against your business data. It lets your security team establish a behavioral baseline of data access and identify inappropriate or abusive data access.

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