Streaming movies online staying in your comfort zone

As the world witnessed covid19, a great diversion was noticed in almost every section of life and so was seen in the movie-watching trend. A more than 40% spike was recorded in consumption of VIDEO-ON-DEMAND only in the initial month itself. As of now, almost everyone has binge-watched a couple of online movies (หนังออนไลน์) or shows being kind of house arrest. Not just the viewers but also the producers are also shifting to the OTT platforms for good, declaring to release many upcoming movies online instead of theatre release.

Experiencing this new trend

As the theatres are closed and will stay closed for a while but many movies are yet to release, so why not over the internet. Many people argue that the experience will not be great, while others are pleased to watch their content from the comfort of their home with all the snacks and other cozy stuff in their reach.

People are flattered by the comfort and the diversity and the choices available in content over the internet and that too with the ease of pausing, continuing skipping, etc., as per their wish. Along with the mainstream content, video streaming platforms have other watchable pieces of stuff to offer, such as art-house drama or live sports broadcast too over the internet itself. One can hop from one genre to another on just a few clicks and watch whatever they desire at the moment.

Other conveniences that come along

Another reason to support online movies (หนังออนไลน์) watching is the lack of things required like no separate media players, no pre-bookings, just an internet connection, and your regular mobile device would do. From a screen as small as your mobile to that of a home theatre, you are free to stream your favorite movie. Odd watching hours or waiting for someone to watch along are all benefits of online movie watching.

With the benefits mentioned earlier come some other features like subtitles available for languages, you are alien to. Many people like to watch international movies or shows, and this comes as bliss to them. Not only subtitles, but one can also find dubbed online movies in their preferred language. Furthermore, choosing to watch a movie online cost you far less as for the price of one or two movie ticket you can buy a yearly subscription of one of these OTT platforms.

 Free alternatives at your rescue

Otherwise, there are plenty of websites on the internet that provide you with free movies; hence you don’t spend a single penny on it. Online movies are also portable as you can share them with whomsoever you want once you have them downloaded on your device. Unlike theatre or cable, you can watch a movie as many times on repeat as you desire without any extra charge to pay and no need to wait for another AIR schedule to watch your content.

But there will always be an emotional difference while watching a movie in theatres, which cannot be replaced. Watching movie online can become a new trend which may continue to persist forever, still watching a movie with hundreds of people in theatres hits different.

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