Vaping Jargon Explained

Vaping is now firmly established as a viable form of nicotine replacement therapy for those wanting to give up smoking. Many enjoy it, but it has spawned phrases and terms that some find confusing, as with any increasingly popular pastimes. I want to use this short article to describe and inform both new and experienced vapers on some of the terms used in the vaping world.

Popular Vape Devices

Many vapers start with a simple device, possibly a disposable and move onto more involved machines; vape devices use an internal battery to heat a coil. Using a wicking material has soaked up liquid contained in a small tank. Vapes at the higher end of the market can feature adjustable batteries with different coil and tank options. Some of the terms used are –

  • AIO – All-in-one – refers to most vapes with all the components built-in.
  • Atomiser – this refers to the coil or sometimes the coil and tank.
  • Cartomizer – This is a screw in refill used in starter kits.
  • Drip Tip – this is the mouthpiece that you inhale through.
  • Mod – used to describe more powerful vape devices with larger batteries.
  • POD – The pod is the newest device design, which uses plastic pods in place of the standard tank/coil design, which is increasingly popular.
  • Sub Ohm is used to describe coils with low resistance; they are used in particular devices to create large vape clouds.

The Liquid Element

Known as e-liquid, vape juice, or vape liquid are all terms used to describe the flavoured liquid contained in the tank or pod of the vape. It has four main components: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food-based flavouring, and the nicotine element. It is possible to use both pre-mixed e-liquid and purchase liquids and the nicotine part separately, and mix your own. Here are some of the phases involved when talking about e-liquid –

  • 50/50 – a liquid with equal amounts of VG and PG, used by many as it creates an excellent, even flavourful vape.
  • 70/30 is high in VG liquid and is used with a sub-ohm vape device to create a super large cloud of vapour.
  • 80/20 – a high PG vape liquid creates a vape high in flavour with a more significant throat hit.
  • Freebase – one of two types of nicotine used in e-liquid, it is created using a harsh chemical process.
  • Nic Salt – The other form of nicotine now used, refined using a more natural process it is becoming popular as it creates a super smooth vape.
  • Nic Shot – flavourless nicotine liquid used when mixing your e-liquid.
  • Shortfill – The other element when mixing your vape juice, the nic shot, is combined with the shortfill for the finished product.
  • Throat Hit refers to the sensation when the vape hits the back of your throat.

That is by no means all the terms and phrases used in the vaping world, but I hope there was one or two you were not aware of but now are. Vaping is beneficial for many reasons, but I hope you can now maximise your experience and create the perfect vape with a better understanding of it.

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