What it all about live Streaming?

Streaming media is any media that is being transmitted and received by an observer and presented to another end-user with the help of a transport medium. The word streaming can mean different things to different people.

However, for the purposes of this article, streaming refers to the delivering of media in this way, without the use of a computer. This form of transferring media is known as live streaming. Live streaming media can be sent using various mediums including email, live satellite radio, IPTV, and cellular telephony.

When the streamer, also referred to as the entertainer streams his media, the computer system on which he is running the program receives the data and is then converted into a digital form. The analog signal is then compressed into a high-quality audio stream.

The audio stream may also contain other features such as graphics and text. The purpose of using an entertainment service like live streaming is to deliver the content to viewers in real time. So the viewer does not need to wait very long for the entire program to be downloaded onto his computer.

live streaming Singapore make use of special software to enable their audience to have direct access to each part of the program. They can change the layout, switch between slides or videos, pause or play, jump to different sections of a program at any time, and so on. All these features are especially designed to maximize the viewing experience for the streamers and increase the satisfaction of their audiences.

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