The Best Ways to Reduce the Downtime of Your Website

The main objective of the website is to provide a facility to visitors to contact the firm 24/7. With a website they should be able to perform purchases, locate contact information, learn about the business and read blog posts.

If you are coming across website downtime, the objective of business is not met. Though there are several methods to deal with website downtime, but it is advised to eliminate it completely.

Learn about the cause

You can fix downtime issue of a website when you know the reason behind it. Downtime of a website can be the outcome of software failure, hackers, traffic overload, hardware failure, or any issue with the server. Metapress is one of the leading digital publishing firms that let users to create a website easily.

If you are like most of the businesses, more than 50% of the computer outages from the server are due to hardware failure of the server. So, when you understand the cause, you can prevent it efficiently in the future.

Use the appropriate host

If you have got several repeated events of server downtime, then you can decide when to shift to any new web hosting service. Perform an exhaustive research to locate the one that has got a strong uptime track record. It does not imply that you need to pay more for the service or go for the costliest option, but you will value for what you pay. Settling for a cheaper website can cause you with an excess downtime.

Get assistance of a managed web hosting provider

It is important to go to a managed web hosting provider firm that has specialization in kind of website creation tool that you use. These provider firms will evaluate the performance of your website carefully, and perform backups, configurations and updates automatically.

Their main objective is to deal with a lot of the grunt work on which you can aim on the business in place of managing the website. A good web hosting provider keeps you well informed about the website status by sending a notification before occurrence of downtime of your business.

Employ a website Uptime Monitoring Plugin

A website uptime monitoring plugin keeps a proper record of the time period for which your website failed to work properly. You will begin to get email notifications and automatic reports when the website goes down. Such plugin can detect the issue well, and get it solved in a timely way.


So, these are the ways by which you can easily deal with the downtime of your website.

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